Skill Development / Training :

On site staff training for good construction practice covering aspects of Highway construction and latest and economical construction trends
Training on cost & time control in the project
Training on site management and staff Motivation
Any other tailor made training to project staff as per client requirement
Learning is never ending, training and skill development means imparting specific skills, abilities and knowledge to an employee for performing the job assigned to him in less time and cost.
Aims and Objectives of Training and Development
The primary objective of training and development is to make sure the availability of skilled and enthusiastic workforce of an organization.

Advantages of training :
Training builds high morale in an employee by developing positive attitude, job satisfaction, training also reduces employee grievances by providing opportunities for internal promotion.
Training helps employees to build skills which leads to perform their job efficiently. Employees learn new skills and use better methods to perform their tasks.
Formal training improves quality of work as standard methods are taught to employees. Uniform work methods and procedures improve the quality of product or services.
Training leads to optimum use of resources which increases productivity and helps to minimize cost of operations per unit. Training leads to economic use of materials and machinery.
An efficient training program does not waste resources & time and efforts in learning through trial and error.